Use marble to dazzling effect in the bathroom, kitchen and beyond

Marble Restoration Cleaning and Repair in London

With its classic elegance, marble takes the appearance of just about any room to a whole new level. White marble specifically has a clean look that is absolutely timeless. And because it shows up dirt, it’s also easier to keep hygoenic.

But if you’re thinking of incorporating this gorgeous natural stone into your home for the first time, it can be hard to know where to begin.

So here we offer a few pointers to kick-start your thinking.

What are the different types of white marble out there?

You may not realise that, in the UK alone, there are up to 50 different white marble varieties. They include the pure white Thassos, with which the ancient Greeks constructed their temples, to Carrara and Calacatta which are grey-veined stones. Carrara in Tuscany sources more marble than anywhere else on the planet, with the Bianco Carrara a classic and popular variety.

Clearly, the stronger the pattern, the more consideration you’ll need to give to the way you lay out your stone.

And what about the price?

A lot will depend on the variety of white marble you go for. While some prices kick off from £40 a square metre, Carrara is likely to set you back as much as £60. Equally, a very pure white marble could cost up to £100 a square metre.

If that seems beyond your budget, you could always consider just having something like a marble splashback.

Where can I use white marble in my home?

Pretty much anywhere, although there are some caveats. Polished marble will make floors slippery, and show up any scratches a little too well. Floors in particular need to be very level before marble is laid, to avoid cracking.

Because it’s a porous stone, use outside with extreme caution. But Carrara marble is an exception – it can withstand some pretty cold temperatures.

We’re here to help

At Royal Stone Care, we’re marble cleaning specialists, whether you need marble restoration or marble chip repair in London. We have a wide range of caring for this beautiful natural stone, in a broad variety of commercial and domestic premises.

So fit white marble in your home, safe in the knowledge that we’re here to help, whatever needs doing.