The pros and cons of limestone kitchen countertops

Limestone Countertop and Worktop Restoration and Repair London

If you’re planning natural stone worktops for everyone’s favourite room, the kitchen, limestone may not be something that immediately springs to mind. But the material has a stunning elegance all its own, and can add immeasurably to the visual appeal of this area.

With an appearance similar to that of marble, limestone adds more than a touch of drama and luxury to any space; and it’s simple yet versatile. Many who have it in their home also love that it is such a natural material.

But here are some of the pros and cons that it’s worth mulling over before you take the plunge.

Added value

There is no doubt that gorgeous limestone worktops enhance the value of your property significantly. It’s also great value in that it’s a pretty long-lasting substance.

A good look

If you’re serious about your kitchen, sandy-coloured or white limestone looks good with the stainless steel fixtures of professional-grade kitchenware.

And the potential disadvantages …

Despite its durability, limestone can still scratch or discolour quite easily since it’s pretty pliable as a material.

So you will need to have maintenance issues in front of mind from the outset. That means being careful with what you put on the surface, from hot pans and pots to knives. Use a chopping board, mop up spillages quickly and don’t place anything hot directly on it. (We know this can be a challenge if you have numerous saucepans on the go at once for busy family dinners!)

Because it’s soft and porous, you will need professional sealing yearly. This stops stains and discolouration from building up, so that liquid doesn’t settle within the material.

You’ll also have to buy specialist cleaning products which have a neutral pH.

Trust us to help care for your limestone

Royal Stone Care are the London-based limestone cleaning specialists. While you should be able to take of all routine cleaning and maintenance yourself, we’re here to help with everything else.

Talk to us today about limestone chip repair, limestone restoration and yearly deep-cleaning and sealing. It’s a stone we know well, and our expert teams are here to help your kitchen worktops looking their brilliant best.