Quartz restoration and repair services

Quartz is one of the world’s best-known minerals, and it’s found pretty commonly, in fact it’s the second most plentiful mineral in Earth’s continental crust. It’s made up of oxygen and silicon atoms, and there are several varieties, in different colours, some of which are semi-precious gemstones. This mineral is often used to make carvings, and in jewelry production. Its use in kitchen and bathroom countertops is relatively new, but it has is a loyal and growing following, mainly due to the many benefits of using this material.

How quartz is used in countertops

Up to 10% of a quartz countertop’s volume may consist of a cement-based binder. Of course, the other 90% will obviously include quartz. But there may well be granite, marble, and some other natural stone or recycled materials as well, such as ceramic, glass, mirrors or silica. So perhaps a quartz countertop could more accurately be described as being fashioned from engineered or compound stone.

Feel the benefits

With quartz countertops, the main appeal lies in their durability and attractive appearance. Here are some of the key advantages to having them in your home:
  • Due to the manufacturing process, you’ll find more choice in terms of colours than with other natural stones, including granite and marble. Indeed, you can even order your own custom colour.
  • The appearance is rich, even luxurious, and with a depth that you don’t always get elsewhere.
  • Quartz is as durable as concrete and granite, but doesn’t crack or chip as easily.
  • Price typically compares well with other, similar materials used in countertops, such as granite or marble.
  • Because it isn’t porous, this material will resist staining much better than granite, concrete or marble. It can withstand a variety of common household stains, from coffee and wine to oil and juice. At the same time, this quality makes it very hygienic, since it doesn’t harbour bacteria.
  • Multiple finishes are also available – including, for example, matte if you’d rather not have a polished finish.

Caring for your quartz countertop

Quartz countertops are essentially quite low maintenance, and, unless you ask for a matte finish, naturally shiny and so don’t need to be polished. They’re also harder to damage than many of the equivalents. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be damaged, either by intense heat, or by chipping. Take care not to bang your countertop, especially around areas like sinks, and don’t place scalding hot pans directly on them. (Equally, never chop directly on the surface.) When it comes to regular cleaning, a soft rag and mild detergent should be quite sufficient. Clean your countertop with warm water and soap every day if you can. (If the surface is honed, that can make common marks like fingerprints more visible, so you may need to clean more often. For dried-on grime, use something plastic like a spatula to remove. Grease can be shifted with a degreaser. As ever, mop up any spillages briskly, don’t use excessive pressure or force when cleaning, and don’t use harsh products. Tougher, more stubborn stains may need a different approach, and a different cleaning product, such as rubbing alcohol for permanent marker removal. Or you could try an adhesive remover. But always seek specialist advice before using anything other than a very mild detergent.

Quartz countertop repair and more from Royal Stone Care

As we’ve seen, quartz is hardwearing but, like anything else, it can become damaged or lose its lustre over time. And these countertops are investment pieces rather than cheap solutions, and it’s worth investing in their maintenance so they continue to look their glorious best. And while you can do most of the basic cleaning yourself, for more complex quartz repair jobs you need to call in the professionals. At Royal Stone Care, we have the experience, techniques and equipment to help. We specialise in all types of quartz restoration, across London and the surrounding areas, and have plenty of experience in quartz worktop repair and similar tasks, for domestic and commercial clients in a wide range of settings.   Whether someone has left a coffee mug ring mark, or there’s a stubborn, ingrained mark on your quartz, we have extensive expertise and can have the surface looking like new again in no time. And we understand the particular needs of this material and how it should be looked after. Let us help whether a new-fit installation has gone wrong or whether you just want to breathe a new lease of life into a much-loved quartz countertop. We can come out to you quickly, and most issues are resolved within half a day. The immediate area surrounding where we’re working is thoroughly covered to protect it, and we always clean up after ourselves before leaving. And as part of our pledge to protect the environment, we never use harmful chemicals in anything we do. At the same time, for your complete peace of mind, we’re covered by comprehensive public liability insurance in the unlikely event of any problems. We also make sure we only hire highly trained and skilled craftspeople with the relevant knowledge, qualifications and experience, and in whom have complete confidence that they know exactly what they’re doing. (They’re also polite, punctual and professional.)

Diamond Service

What’s more, we’ve perfected our own diamonds, a technique exclusive to us, to get rid of scratches and marks on your quartz surface. We’ll then apply our own sealant for ongoing, constant daily protection against further harm. Our rates are competitive, and you also have the option to opt for a regular maintenance plan, giving you year-round quartz repair and care for a single annual fee. Contact us today for a quote without charge or obligation and we’ll be happy to supply one immediately, tailored to your requirements. Quartz countertops and the like are not the cheapest things to fit, and you’ll want them to last and stay looking good. So they’re worth taking care of. At Royal Stone Care, we’ll make sure we do just that.  

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