Terrazzo care and cleaning in London

Terrazzo is an elegant material made with marble, quartz, granite, cement binder and glass chips to create a variety of attractive patterns, designs and colours. It is also cost-effective, hardwearing and resilient.

Once properly fitted and sealed, this material resists heat and water damage, and withstands a heavy footfall; equally it is not generally prone to chipping or scratching.
The original recycled material, terrazzo is eco-friendly and can be used in tiling, flooring and countertops.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take care of terrazzo surfaces. It can still be stained by acidic liquids like orange juice or the wrong cleaning products. Equally, because it is a porous material given its cement content, spills can penetrate the surface, especially if it has been left unsealed. Dirt, grit and sand can also take their toll, and act as an abrasive.
If the surface has become grubby over time, or subjected to wear and tear for years, rather than simple terrazzo cleaning, a full restoration is required. A superficial clean would still leave scratches and dirt in the pores.

Especially to keep your floors and other surfaces in tip-top condition long-term, you need to call in professional specialists.

If you’re looking for terrazzo restoration in London, we at Royal Stone Care provide a diverse terrazzo stone care service range across the city and its outskirts.

Use us for restoring, cleaning, polishing, sealing and repairing your terrazzo, as well as for any other related care services.

While there are others providing terrazzo cleaning in London, we offer a number of great benefits meaning you can book us with confidence, including:

  • Skilled craftsmen who are highly experienced in providing stone care across London in varied settings and who fully understand the specific requirements of each material they work with and provide a prompt, efficient and affordable service.
  • Accreditation to the exacting ISO: 9001 standard which means we’ve earned our “green” credentials and don’t use harmful chemicals in any of our products.
  • Year-round maintenance packages which mean all your terrazzo stone care needs are taken care of for a single annual charge.

What’s more, we use our own, in-house developed diamond pads to fully remove scratches and marks with expert care. We’ve also developed our own, odour-free sealer/impregnator so that your terrazzo will continue to look shiny and flawless, time after time.

For additional information about stone cleaning in London, availability and prices, please contact us or get a free quote online.

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