We’ve been cleaning and restoring marble for a few years now and have always had good comments and feedback from our customers. Now, while all those positive comments give us a nice feeling of a job well done, we decided to go over some of them again to see if we could use what customers are saying to help improve our services even more.

Royal Stone have always been there when we needed them.

This comment appeared a few times from hotels and properties that have public access. Substances had been spilt on their marble floors or worktops that could potentially damage the stone. They needed our advice and services quickly before any permanent damage was done.

Arrived on time.

When you book any kind of service, you expect the company to turn up at the appointed time. Many companies, for all types of services, promise a timely service but are sadly lacking when it comes to delivering on those promises. It seems to be so much of a problem that we get noticed and complimented because we do turn up when we say we are going to.

Helped us with the preparation.

We appreciate that it is not always possible to clear all furniture from the marble floors we clean so our staff do help when it comes to moving the furniture around if it is needed. They do not say “Not our job,” or any other unhelpful comment, as we have heard of some other companies.

They were very efficient.

Efficiency comes not only with practice but with an appreciation of what is required for both the customers and the technicians to get the results they desire.

Very thorough and with great attention to detail.

There is no point in cleaning ‘most’ of the marble surfaces and leaving the detail in the corners. That gives a result a bit like washing windows, but only in the middle. Our technicians are only satisfied a job has been done well when there is a uniform finish on the whole of the surfaces they were asked to work on.

Depending on the type of work carried out then it can be a relatively quick process provided the marble has been looked after. Even with larger renovation jobs we always strive to complete a job as quickly as possible as we know no one likes a potentially messy job to drag on.

Impressed with the quality of work and will recommend your company to others.

This is the kind of comment we get most of. Let us remember though, if it wasn’t for all the points of the previous comments adding up, then we would not have deserved this accolade from many of our customers.