Frequently Asked Questions

What about insurance? Are you covered?
Yes, we are. We have full Public Liability Insurance cover for injury or for any damage to property for which you may be held liable. We also have Employers’ Liability Cover – it’s the law for any cleaning company that takes on its own staff.

Is your work guaranteed?
Indeed it is. Our full guarantee on all our work means you will get a full refund if you are less than 100% satisfied.

What sort of properties do you work at?
It’s really varied. We provide stone cleaning and stone care across London and the outskirts, in all sorts of settings, from private homes to offices, hotels and retail premises. We’re well-used to working with everyone from householders to renovators, maintenance departments and facilities managers. If it’s a heritage property, we’ll work with the conservation officer to make sure the right methods are used.

What services do your provide?
Again, its’ quite extensive. We can restore, clean, seal, repair, polish and provide other care services for marble, limestone, brick, granite, travertine and terrazzo.

How do you avoid damaging stone?
We only use our own products and techniques, tried and trusted by us not to do any harm. And, because we have the ISO: 9001 standard, we promise a high level of environmental responsibility and don’t use abrasive chemicals in anything we do.
We’ll also talk to you before starting work, to discuss the best way forward to suit you and your surfaces and the stone you have.

Can you clean large areas of stone?
Yes, that’s fine. We’re well accustomed to working in hotels, larger office blocks and even historic sites. Just let us know where you are, and what you want us to do!

How quickly can you do a job once a customer has been in touch?
Usually, as soon as is needed. And if you need us to work out of hours to minimise disruption, e.g. at evenings or weekends in an office, that’s fine by us too. We’ll always make a particular effort if you need us in the wake of fire damage or graffiti. For bigger and more complicated, long-term jobs, we’ll work with you to agree a schedule of work.

If you have a question that has not been listed above, please ask us!