Our top tips for polishing wooden furniture

Wood Furniture Polishing and Restoration London

Over time, wooden surfaces can become dull and lose their natural shine. This is typically down to sunlight, dirt, dust and so on. Regular polishing removes all grime from the timber, restoring its appearance. At the same time, polishing protects your wood, increases its value and helps it to last longer.

Finally, if you have an allergy or similar condition, polishing removes allergens and dust to create an all-round healthier, cleaner environment.

Start with some dust-busting

First of all, dust your furniture. With a soft microfibre cloth, dust from the top of the furniture then work your way down. Be thorough and use long, sweeping motions. You may need to moisten the cloth slightly for some stubborn patches.

Dust at least weekly – and leave to air-dry before you start polishing, which you should do every three to six months.

Choose the right polish

This is important. Consider the type of wood, its finish and the condition of your furniture before deciding. But always go for top-quality products, and test them on a discreet area first.

Apply polish using a soft cloth

Put a little polish on a soft, clean cloth before rubbing the cloth together to ensure even application. Then gently rub into your furniture, working in the direction of the grain. Avoid a circular motion or back-and-forth movements. (This is important since it follows the growth rings’ natural patterns. And not doing so can leave unsightly scratches or marks. Equally, the polish will then penetrate the wood more effectively.) Repeat as often as you need to. And then leave to dry.

Grab a clean cloth a buff to a shine

Fold a new clean cloth and get buffing. Look for any unevenness or streaks, and use a separate cloth for a final once-over. If necessary, go through the above steps and reapply more polish.


Dry off your furniture

Avoid direct sunlight for drying off your furniture. Instead, find a shaded area allowing for air circulation so that your furniture can dry off naturally. Keep checking it until it is completely dry.

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