The importance of keeping your marble dry

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When it comes to keeping marble worktops in tip-top condition, prevention is always better than cure. And we’ve written before about the importance of using the right products for marble cleaning, stain removal and so on. Plus we’ve discussed marble sealing and the need to mop up any spillages as soon as they occur.

What’s more, the good news is that marble countertops are straightforward to maintain and clean, so long as you stay on top of the job. However, while it’s easy to keep your surfaces spotlessly shiny, your natural stone can suffer if you don’t show it enough attention and TLC. If you neglect it, marble can quite quickly start to look worn or old.

Equally, one thing we probably haven’t mentioned before is that you have to keep your marble dry at all times. So, here we look into this in a little more detail.

Keep marble worktops dry

This is one aspect which some homeowners may overlook (or not be fully aware of) as part of their marble maintenance regime. But dryness of your stone is really important, whether you’re doing a deep clean or a daily wipe-down.

The reason you need to keep these surfaces dry is, of course, to prevent damage to the stone. After all, marble is a porous surface which can absorb liquid more readily than some other materials. So a wet surface which you leave to air-dry just takes on moisture. And this could lead to a dull-looking countertop.

So use a soft, dry cloth or towel, and get rid of any residual wetness following every clean. This will ensure a shiny worktop, time after time.

As mentioned, we know this can sometimes be an easy thing to forget. But if you incorporate it into your marble cleaning regime, regular drying off becomes like a muscle memory.

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