Brick Cleaning London Services and Brick Restoration Services in London

Made from clay-bearing soil, sand and lime, or concrete, and fire hardened or air dried, brick has been a popular, versatile building material for centuries. Its advantages, include its beautiful appearance and the fact that it is very low-maintenance. Equally, brick’s colour and texture tend not to change, whatever the worst of the British weather throws at it.

Not only that but it’s strong, fireproof, helps keep outside noise at bay and resists impact if anything is thrown at it, from hail to footballs.

That doesn’t mean brick needs no care. In fact, brick restoration and cleaning can be more complicated than you may have realised, with different types of dirt needing different approaches and cleaning agents.

For exteriors where there is little sunlight and damp vegetation, moss, mould and mildew can be issues. Rising damp or continual rain can also cause cracks to appear in the mortar joints or the bricks themselves. Cycles of freezing and thawing can make damage worse.

Where mortar joints have grown soft, or the mortar itself is cracked or otherwise damaged, the old mortar is removed and replaced – this is called repointing.

In truth, whether you need brick cleaning in London or anywhere else, this kind of work is best left to brick cleaning and restoration specialists who have the equipment and training to know what they are doing.

At Royal Stone Care, our diverse, affordable range of brick cleaning London services includes:

  • Brick Restoration
  • Brick Cleaning
  • Brick Sealing
  • Brick Repair
  • Brick Acid Wash
  • Any other Brick cleaning services

No wonder so many commercial and domestic clients make us their first port of call for our efficient cleaning and brick restoration in London.

We employ only trained, qualified and experienced master craftsmen for all our stone cleaning in London operations, and also use our own tried and trusted techniques for our work. These include our own odour-free sealant/impregnator and unique diamond pads to remove all marks and scratches expertly.

You can book our services offering stone care in London with confidence – we have full public liability insurance cover, and ISO: 9001 accreditation. Equally, we won’t use harsh or abrasive chemicals in any work that we do.

We work for householders, hotels, commercial managers and maintenance departments, among others, so contact us whether you need patio cleaning in London or anything else.

For additional information about brick cleaning in London, availability and prices, call us on 07704281381 or get a free quote online.

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