Patio Cleaning service in London

You no doubt love your patio as an area for relaxing and entertaining or just enjoying being outside.

In warmer months, your patio probably effectively becomes another room in your family’s home. Equally, of course, adding a patio considerably boosts your home’s value.

If you are a business, a paved area where people can sit down can do a lot to attract customers, and keep them at your premises, especially if you are a café or a restaurant.

Why use a professional patio cleaner?

However, especially over time, patios can lose their shine and get dirty and slimy, and, if yours hasn’t had the attention it’s deserved, the seasons and the worst of the British weather can take their toll. Algae and mould can become particular problems, as well as dirt, not to mention marks caused by acidic liquids.

And while you may think patio cleaning in London or anywhere else is a fairly straightforward affair, not only is scrubbing away at the paving slabs not much fun, but you can end up doing your patio more harm than good if you are not careful. In truth, the professionals are invariably going to do a better job, and more quickly than you could do yourself.

That’s especially the case if you have natural stone or brick and use the wrong cleaning agents which are abrasive or based on chemicals.

If you’re looking for professional patio cleaning in London, we at Royal Stone Care can help. We have environmentally friendly, high pressure jet washers to shift every last speck of dirt, leaving your patio beautifully spotless without having used any harmful chemical.

What’s more you can trust us to provide a friendly, prompt and cost-effective patio cleaning service, time after time.

You’ll find many other benefits to using our patio jet washing service across London as well:

  • We’re fully accredited to ISO:9001 standard
  • We have full Public Liability Insurance cover
  • Our techniques for professional patio cleaning have been tried and tested over many years of experience and our employees are all highly trained and skilled
  • We’re used to dealing with all sorts of different types of stone and sizes and styles of patio

Book an annual maintenance package and let us take care of your patio all year round, with a single fee.

For more information about patio cleaning in London, availability and prices, call us or get a free quote online.

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