Concrete repair and resurfacing services

What is concrete?

We see it everywhere every day, but would you be able to define exactly what concrete is? This composite material is made up of fine and coarse aggregate (generally natural sand and gravel or crushed rock), bound together with fluid cement that hardens over time. It simulates the properties of rock, and is the construction industry’s most commonly used material – in fact it’s the second most widely used material on earth after water. Under water, concrete sets and hardens, but it also has some elastic properties.

Concrete benefits

Not only is this substance extremely strong and hard-wearing, for example in resisting compression, it also absorbs tension. Concrete can be cast into any shape required, maintenance costs are almost negligible, it’s fire-safe and can withstand high temperatures as well as being able to resist water and wind. Its ingredients are widely available, and it’s cost-effective to use into the bargain. You’ll find it versatile, too. If you thought this stuff was just grey and boring, think again! Concrete can be anything you want it to be – stain it with gloss or stamp it with a pattern and make it your own. It’s also available in an array of different finishes.

Using concrete in the home

Concrete was one of 2018’s hottest design trends, and it’s not hard to see why. And while most concrete used in building still remains hidden, increasingly developments are using the substance creatively. We’ve all started seeing more exposed or painted concrete in buildings. Exposed concrete avoids the cost of extra finishing materials and reduces long-term maintenance, while also being visually appealing. Its smooth surface texture helps make any room feel open and airy, so that your dining room, for example, could seem more spacious with a concrete floor, while your bathroom could take on the feel of a professional spa! What’s more, if you use exposed concrete, it can always be altered at a later stage if you fancy a change – add rugs or restain, the choice is yours!

Looking after your concrete

Whether you have floors, exposed walls or countertops, you’ll find concrete really low-maintenance, so looking after it doesn’t have to be that much of a tedious chore. Clearly the natural grey colour, if you keep it, hides dirt well in heavy-traffic areas, too. But, as always, concrete won’t take care of itself completely. Dust, sand and other particles can easily take their toll, in what is known as the sandpaper effect, spoiling the finish and therefore the appearance of your concrete surface. Any stains or spillages should be mopped up immediately, equally, make sure any cleaning solutions you use are pH neutral, and that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. (Plain water alone may not always be enough.) Steer clear of the likes of citrus-based products, ammonia, bleaches or anything with vinegar in it. Meanwhile regular cleaning with a dry or barely-damp mop should hold off most dust and grime. And, while it may sound obvious, if you do use water, make sure it (and the mop) are clean. A microfiber mop should work well. Usually, a polish every couple of years is a good idea as well. And you can protect your concrete with a high-quality film-forming sealant or coat of wax, easily applied using a buffing pad.

Professional concrete cleaning services

While most of the regular cleaning is reasonably straightforward, if you employ a cleaner for your home or commercial premises, make sure they know what they’re doing when it comes to these surfaces. Using the wrong product or technique could damage your concrete. At Royal Stone Care, we’re experts in concrete cleaning and concrete restoration. When we buff up concrete flooring customers love the way we leave it looking as good as new. When it comes to stains and marks, we’ve seen it all before and know just what to do to have your concrete surface spotless once again. What’s more, thanks to our commitment to the environment, we do all our cleaning without having to use potentially harmful chemicals. The tricks we have up our sleeve include our exclusive diamond pads, used to remove marks in their entirety before we apply our sealant to provide continual protection from the rigours of daily use so that your concrete floor continues to look…flawless!

Concrete repair

While concrete is, as we’ve seen, very durable, it’s not infallible. Concrete cracks can repair, alongside other issues, and, in a public setting, a floor which has become uneven is a trip hazard. Clearly, this task really is one to hand over to a concrete repair specialist. At Royal Stone Care, we’re a one-stop-shop for all your concrete flooring needs, in a wide range of settings from residential to commercial and industrial. When it comes to concrete crack repair, we know exactly what needs to be done to get rid of unsightly damage. We respond to queries promptly, so repairs are carried out as quickly as possible, and have the expertise and equipment to complete effective, thorough concrete repair.

Concrete surfacing

Sometimes, for whatever reason, rather than a repair, your concrete countertop or concrete floor may need a complete resurfacing. Again we can help, offering high-quality workmanship time after time. As with all our work, these jobs are covered by extensive public liability insurance, and are carried out by our highly skilled, trained and qualified craftsmen using our own tried-and-trusted techniques. We also appreciate that resurfacing of concrete is a major operation, and so we’re always happy to discuss jobs in detail and learn what our clients need before we start work. Find out more about our comprehensive portfolio of concrete care services today and request a free, no obligation quote or feel free to ask us any questions you may have. And don’t be put off having a concrete surface, or indeed any other natural stone, in your home or commercial premises because of maintenance concerns. We’re here to help.

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