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Our top tips for polishing wooden furniture

Wood Furniture Polishing and Restoration London

Over time, wooden surfaces can become dull and lose their natural shine. This is typically down to sunlight, dirt, dust and so on. Regular polishing removes all grime from the timber, restoring its appearance. At the same time, polishing protects your wood, increases its value and helps it to last longer. Finally, if you have […]

How to refinish wooden stairs

Wooden Stairs Restoration Repair London

The unfortunate reality is that so many wooden staircases are hiding their true beauty beneath old carpeting. This means they’re not maximising their full potential. But if you’re dreaming of having refinished stairs, we’re here to help. So here are the steps you need to follow: <h3>Remove carpet</h3> Take out the old carpeting and any […]

Why stain a hardwood floor?

Wooden Floor Cleaning Restoration London

Wooden floors bring style, elegance and warmth to any property. And you’ll find a greater range of designs, colours and textures than you may have realised. But whether you’re moving somewhere which already has timber flooring in place or fitting a new surface, you’ll want to make it your own. And staining is one of […]

Can you have a wooden floor in a bathroom?

Wooden Floor Restoration Sanding Polishing London

It may surprise you to learn that, in fact, wood can work very well as a material for a bathroom floor. And that’s the case whether you have a luxury designer sanctuary or something smaller and rather more functional. With wood, you introduce warmth and a natural texture to one of the most important spaces […]

Wooden frames repair is the most eco-friendly

Wooden Frames Restoration Polish Sanding London

Real wood window frames don’t just look great. (Although their timeless appeal is always in style.) You can paint them in a way that suits the property. Plus, they provide superb insulation. What’s more, they come in myriad different styles. Timber frames are also surprisingly low-maintenance, and very long-lasting. Another advantage is that they are […]

Try these home-made wood polishes

Wooden Floor Sanding Restoration London

Polishing adds a protective layer and finish to your real wood furniture, floor, staircase or anything else. It also helps repel stains and spillages, scratches and scuffing while minimising the potentially harmful effects of wear and tear in areas of heavy footfall. Equally, a polish can rejuvenate older timber products by soaking in to the […]

Can you have wooden flooring in the kitchen?

Wooden Kitchen Floor Restoration Repair London

It goes in the busiest part of your home, so clearly your kitchen’s flooring needs to be hardwearing and functional. However, that shouldn’t mean compromising on style. It may not have been something that sprang immediately to mind. But could a wooden floor in this area be an option? After all, wood, whether you go […]