How to refinish wooden stairs

Wooden Stairs Restoration Repair London

The unfortunate reality is that so many wooden staircases are hiding their true beauty beneath old carpeting. This means they’re not maximising their full potential. But if you’re dreaming of having refinished stairs, we’re here to help.

So here are the steps you need to follow:

<h3>Remove carpet</h3>

Take out the old carpeting and any tacking strips with care, so that you don’t damage the wood.

<h3>Pull out any staples</h3>

Use a pair of pliers to do this. If there are any nails remaining, just hammer them back into the timber.

<h3>Paint and varnish</h3>

Get rid of any paint or varnish that may be on your stairs.

<h3>Sand the wood</h3>

Do this thoroughly until the wood is smooth and even. And use 80-grit sandpaper, before moving to 100 and then 120 grit. Dust and clean the timber after you’ve finiished using each grit type.

<h3>You’re now ready to paint or varnish!</h3>

Use a primer layer first to prepare your staircase, whether you’re painting or varnishing. Apply in thin layers. And always wait until one layer is completely dry before progressing to the next coat.

There will probably be a gap between the base of your stairs and the floorboards on your home’s lower floor. But you can fill this using a foam strip and wood filler. Just be sure that you’re creating a nice level and even finish.

Once you’ve done all this, you can enjoy a staircase that bring out the wood’s natural beauty and realises its full potential. You’ll achieve a timeless appeal that never goes out of style.

<h3>Further problems? Hire a professional</h3>

Although wooden staircases can look stunning, at times they’re also problematic. There can be issues, for example, with shrinking, wearing and creaking. All of these are pretty common niggles. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many turn to the pros for help when taking on this kind of project.

So if you feel slightly out of your depth, either with staircase refinishing or anything else, you’re certainly not alone. And talking to a professional who knows about wood repair, and who has worked on staircase projects before, is certainly a good option.

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