How to clean a marble staircase

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Few materials give your home a more luxuriously elegant feel than marble. And there are myriad ways you can incorporate this material into your home. So as well as bathrooms, floors and kitchen worktops, for example, you can have a marble staircase to make an instant statement and create an eye-catching centrepiece. After all, this stone is durable and versatile, wherever and however you use it, as well as having huge aesthetic appeal. What’s more, you can choose from an array of colours, from classic black and/or white through to a modern green or even pink.

A marble staircase is even an investment which could potentially boost the value of your home.

<h3>Looking after your marble staircase</h3>

The good news is that, by following a few straightforward tips, you can keep your stairs in a great condition so you enjoy your marble staircase for years or even decades to come. Marble care for your staircase doesn’t have to be hugely complex or expensive.

A weekly clean is a great idea for a start-off, to keep your marble looking its wonderful best. First of all, use a soft brush to get rid of any surface dirt of debris. Then mix a mild detergent with warm water. (But don’t use bleach or harsh chemicals, since these can harm your stone.) Grab a clean mop and work in circular motions, taking care to get to all the hard-to-reach parts of your staircase.

Next rinse with cool, clear water before drying with a soft, dry cloth so that your marble doesn’t discolour, which can happen if you leave to air-dry.

<h3>Seal the deal</h3>

Marble maintenance should involve sealing your stone to keep potential damage at bay. And this is particularly important in the case of a staircase which, after all, receives significant footfall. Ideally, you would seal your staircase every three to six months to safeguard its colour and durability.

<h3>Further marble care tips for your staircase</h3>

We know we’ve mentioned the points below before. But they bear repeating, and apply to staircases as much as they do to other marble features.

Clean up any spillages right away. And acidic liquids can be harmful to marble. So keep things like fruit juice and wine away from your natural stone staircase.

Finally, you can use a marble-polishing powder to restore dull areas of your stairs.

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