Experts describe limestone as the new marble

Limestone Countertop Repair London

Marble has been around for millennia. It’s bold, elegant, and people will always use it in kitchen countertops, fireplaces and more. However, limestone can make for a fresh and exciting alternative.

And with its textured finish and understated colouring, limestone is especially well-suited to settings such as spas and bathrooms. That’s because settings like these particularly benefit from its serene feel.

So limestone and a version of it, travertine, are growing in popularity. Reasons for this include its timeless appeal, texture and porosity.

And while you may want to think twice before using this material in the high-traffic areas of your home, it can look especially stunning on feature walls. That’s especially the case if you illuminate these properly. Limestone creates a warm feel. And because of its neutral colours, it suits myriad surroundings.

One top Californian designer recently told a key industry website:

“I love its neutral yet natural look. It can also complement marble you may have elsewhere – for instance, you could have a limestone fireplace and marble countertops.”

Another designer told the same website that limestone is typically most popular in Mediterranean-inspired homes. But she encourages her clients to use it with other styles, from terraces to townhouses.

<h3>How can you use limestone?</h3>

Limestone can provide a strong contrast to the rather sleek, polished look of marble. And it works as a kitchen backsplash, or modern-looking fireplace surround, to take a space in a different visual direction. It can also bring your fireplace bang up to date.

You can use this material in a small accessory table or coffee table – just remember to use coasters! It will add texture as well as warmth to your room.

Equally, if you have wooden furniture, you create a particularly elegant vibe.

<h3>Are there any limitations to this stone?</h3>

The muted colour scheme of limestone means it may not be ideal if you want to add drama. Additionally, it’s porous so can stain easily, and probably shouldn’t be the first option in high-traffic locations where food and drink tend to be around.

For the same reason, while limestone can look amazing in bathrooms, use here with caution.

<h3>So is marble going out of style?</h3>

Certainly not! Marble remains the luxury choice if you want a classic, timeless appearance. What’s more, it’s hard to reproduce its natural beauty and patina. Not to mention marble’s dramatic veining, which gives any space movement and vibrancy. But you perhaps need to think about using it in different ways or risk overuse. Equally, other materials can be just as inspiring.

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