Coloured kitchen countertops are having ‘a moment’

Natural Stone Countertop Restoration London

At the time of writing, we still don’t know whether lockdown restrictions will ease as planned on June 21. But, this summer, entertaining and socialising are set to be firmly back on the agenda, outside or otherwise.

Over the long months of lockdown, we’ve all looked at our homes more critically, especially heavily used rooms like the kitchen. And your guests in the coming weeks and months are almost certain to be looking at this part of your residence, too, even if they just nip inside to visit the bathroom.

It could therefore be an ideal time to consider a revamp. Countertops are obviously a vital part of the ‘heart of the home’ or kitchen. Therefore, they may well be the first thing you choose to upgrade. The trend for this season places the emphasis firmly on the bold, bright and funky! And it could also make cooking (and eating) a lot more fun. So make a statement and inject some colour.

However, this audacious trend is also one that’s all too easy to get wrong. Here are some thoughts:

Less is more

Be careful not to overdo it. If you’re going for coloured countertops, kitchen units and the base of your kitchen island will look good in more neutral shades. Additionally, metallics like gold and copper can also make incredible contrast hues.

Not all over now, baby blue

Baby blue, a lighter shade of this colour, is a particularly on-trend this season. It looks fresh and summery. Give it some serious thought.

Decisions, decisions …

You will need to think about whether you want light or dark colours, which may depend to an extent on how much natural light your kitchen gets. Again, you can contrast light and dark shades in your overall colour scheme for the room.
You will also have to plump for either a single or various hues in your worktop.

Finally, if you want the beauty of natural stone in your kitchen, you may be surprised at just how many different colours they come in. You are certainly not limited to a range of dull shades.

Marble, granite and limestone come in a surprising rainbow from pale pink to blue, while quartz worktops are available in just about every colour you can think of.

Make us your first port of call

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