Choosing the right kitchen worktops for your home

Kitchen Worktop (countertop) Restoration and Repair London

The most recent lockdown seems to have been the longest and toughest to get through. But most of us are cautiously hopeful the end is in sight. And if the long housebound weeks and months have made you look at your home afresh, you’re not alone.

We know we always say it, but the kitchen really is the heart of your home. So it could well be the ideal place to start if you’re looking at post-lockdown updates and renovations.

At the centre of any kitchen is the worktop, and today’s marketplace offers more choices than ever. If you’re considering an upgrade, here we give a few tips of how to get started:

Look at your budget

From expensive granites to cheaper laminates, what you can pay for your kitchen counter will vary considerably. So decide your budget – and stick to it, but go for the best quality worktop you can afford.

One option might be to mix and match, for example by having more expensive natural stone worktops in harder-working areas such as by the cooker, and cheaper alternatives elsewhere.

Look at your layout

How is your kitchen laid out? If there are a lot of straight lines, this will make for an easier fit, arguably making it more straightforward to fit a more expensive countertop. If you have a lot of corners, on the other hand, you may want to think more about composite materials.

Think about profile

You may not realise just how much the depth of the countertop you chose can change the look of your kitchen. While thinner profiles of up to 20mm remain popular, standard thickness hovers around the 30mm mark. But, equally, it’s also becoming increasingly desirable to have a thicker edge, by adding a strip of the worktop material to the top of the surface to create a profile of up to 50mm.

Choose the best material for you

The most popular materials, from wood to laminate, granite and other types of natural stone, all have their different advantages and potential drawbacks. It will depend, for example, on your budget and how hardwearing you need your counter to be.

One good compromise could be a composite model, of roughly 90% natural quartz crystals, and a small addition of binders. Also called ‘engineered stone’, this material is incredibly hardwearing, almost impervious and resists heat damage, scratches and stains well. The consistent composition also means you get even colouring and shading across your unit.

How we at Royal Stone Care can help

If you go for a natural stone worktop and are in the London area, talk to us at Royal Stone Care before you talk to anyone else, whether you need marble restoration, quartz care, granite cleaning in London.

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