How to protect your marble every day

Marble Countertop Restoration and Repair London

If you’ve just installed a marble floor, bathroom vanity unit or kitchen worktop, congratulations! You will no doubt love the way you have added a permanent touch of style and elegance to your home.

But, as a natural stone, marble certainly isn’t immune to damage, neither does it tend to be an especially cheap material. Follow these easy preventative steps to protect your marble surfaces, and keep them looking their brilliant best.

Buy the right marble in the first place

Make sure the marble you fit is of the best quality you can afford, and, as far as you can, a type that resists stains from food and drink; especially if yours is a busy household. Some do this better than others, and not all marble is made equally.

Buy the right cleaning products

Check with the manufacturer of your piece of marble for their recommendations. Always test any products on a less visible area of your floor or worktop first of all before you use it on a more prominent spot.

Tackle spills right away

Don’t panic if you spill anything – accidents happen. But leap into action immediately with some warm water and a mild dish detergent. Dry thoroughly afterwards; any standing water left on marble can harm it, so be careful.

The seal-good factor

Monthly sealing is a very good idea, since this can act as mild stain repellent, giving you more time to clean up spills when they happen, even if they can’t make any surface 100% stain-proof.

Take protective steps

These might include, for a table or worktop, sturdy coasters, or rugs over high-traffic areas for a floor. If sofas or other items of heavy furniture are on your floor, use pads under the legs of the items, and consider limiting drinking red wine, coffee and the like in that room, or at least doing so with caution.

How we at Royal Stone Care can help

You should be able to handle most routine, daily or weekly marble cleaning tasks yourself. However, for more stubborn stains, marble chip repair or marble restoration, you need to talk to the experts. Royal Stone Care is a marble specialist covering the whole of the London area.

Whether you need marble stain removal or anything else, make us your first port of call.