The hygienic advantages of Granite sinks

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Coronavirus has brought hygiene to the forefront of everyone’s minds. But one thing you may not have given much thought to before is your kitchen sink. After all, the standard stainless-steel model has been used for decades. So, if you have one, you probably think it does its job well enough.

Granite, though, not only looks amazing but it’s also highly practical. And it has a number of hygiene and other qualities you may not be aware of. Here, we take a look at some of the benefits.

Antibacterial properties

Granite is an exceptionally hardwearing, non-porous substance. Typically, the highest-quality models include acrylic and quartz. That creates a tough, scratch-resistant surface that dirt won’t cling to. So along with a smooth finish, you get a material that repels microbes and dirt.
Some producers add an additional layer of anti-bacterial protection. This clearly makes food prep and washing even safer.

Other excellent qualities

Granite composite sinks, as well as being very hygienic, resist staining and heat well. (Although it will need to be properly sealed.) This stone is also really versatile, meaning innovative designs can be incorporated. Options include a rainbow of colours (brown for example is very sought-after and not easy to find in other materials). You can also choose rounded edges and grooved drainers. Varied sizes, shapes and finishes are also all available. So it’s no wonder granite sinks are increasingly popular across the UK.

What’s more, each piece is unique. Equally, you could have the worktops in your kitchen fashioned from the same slab to create a seamless appearance.

Things to be aware of

Despite their many excellent qualities, there are a number of things to bear in mind with granite composite sinks. Price is the obvious one. But you should also consider installation costs, given that this is a heavy stone. Equally, you’ll need to repeat the sealing of your sink annually.

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