Top kitchen Instagram trends – one or two of them may surprise you!

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No doubt every single one of us has our own idea of what our dream kitchen looks like. But new design trends emerge all the time – and, as with everything else these days, they’re often discussed on social media. Equally, interior design is a hot topic in the wake of the long months of lockdown and effective house arrest.

Recently, one well-known kitchen brand worked out the top five Instagram kitchen trends based on the number of hashtags each one had. We list them here – and some of them may surprise you!

The kitchen’s all white

This trend does not mean that bolder shades are unpopular. But, in this research at least, white emerged as the most sought-after kitchen colour. Indeed, it sparked more than 617,500 posts. White is versatile and you can use it to style both modern and traditional looks, so its popularity is hardly surprising.

All Shaker-ed up

The Shaker style of kitchen units, featuring a flat middle panel and square edges, is another hit, with more than 81,000 hashtags. Again, the enduring appeal of this style is largely down to its versatility.

Herringbone floors

Search queries using the term ‘herringbone’ floor have soared 160% over the past year. After all, it’s a great-looking design, and one which creates the appearance of a modern farmhouse. Oak is the material of choice here, although of course others are available.

Granite kitchen worktops

Durable, relatively affordable and low-maintenance, granite worktops come in a variety of colours including greys, whites and blacks. So it’s no surprise these notched up an impressive 22.5k posts.

Galley kitchens

These consist of two parallel work surfaces, usually in quite a small area. Again, a popular choice, not least because having less space means you need to think creatively and
smartly. So while this style may seem a surprising trend at first, when you think about it some more, you can see why galley kitchens remain such firm favourites.

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