Things to consider if you’re considering revamping your kitchen countertops

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If the lengthy months of lockdown have meant you’re looking at your home with fresh eyes, you’re far from alone. And it’s the ‘heart of the home’, so the kitchen is probably a room you’ll be looking at more closely than most.

And when it comes to kitchen revamps, countertops are consistently among the most common features to consider for an upgrade.

But if you’re not even sure where to start, again you’re not alone. Here are a few tips to kick-start your thinking.

Prioritise low-maintenance materials

If you’re a fan of things like red wine and coffee, and do a lot of cooking, engineered natural stone countertops can be ideal. They are good at resisting damage caused by dropped items or the stains from spillages.

Granite could be a particularly strong contender because of this substance’s excellent durability, and the way this material retains its natural look. It means you can relax and enjoy your kitchen space without worrying about stains and damage.

Add drama and be bold with mixing and matching

Don’t be afraid to play with colour – including perhaps some darker and more dramatic shades. Of course, white is a traditional, safe kitchen staple. But more of us are now turning to warmer or even darker hues in our colour palettes. And this could bring a distinctive look to one of your home’s most important rooms.

Go for the eco-friendly option

Increasingly, homeowners are placing a high premium on environmentally friendly materials which contribute to their having a lower carbon footprint. And the good news is that there are a number of available options. These include engineered quartz using 100% reusable energy, and terrazzo, which also uses recycled elements such as glass and marble.

Talk to your manufacturer if these matters are important to you.

Check out the latest trends

Of course, fashions in kitchen design come and go. So you obviously don’t want to fit something that will look dated in months. And a new countertop is a pretty big decision.

But some of the latest trends will stand the test of time, and these include ‘waterfall’ edge countertops and matching backsplash and countertop materials for a clean look.

Think about thickness of your countertop

Have a think about this before you commit to anything. And bear in mind that, typically, a thinner model will be kinder on your pocket and simpler to fit.

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