How not to use a pressure washer

Pressure Wash and Steam Jet Wash for Patio and Driveway Cleaning and Brick Cleaning in London

All the signs are that summer could finally be on its way. Hopefully, this year there will be more scope for family and other gatherings than in 2020. And if the nicer weather is a signal for you to clean up and sort out your outdoor area ahead of the warmer days, your timing is certainly spot-on.

One thing you may have on your list is to use a pressure washer to blast outside surfaces with a high-pressure water jet and shift ingrained dirt from patios, decking and even outside furniture.

Used wrongly, however, this equipment can ultimately do more harm than good. Here are our tips for the best results – focusing on the things you shouldn’t do.

Don’t use the wrong setting

Some of the more basic models of pressure washer have just one nozzle and lance. But the more expensive ones come with different settings including a rotary jet, angled lance or variable-fan jet. Make sure you understand the differences between them, and are using the right one for the task in hand.

Be fussy about what you are wearing

Make no mistake – pressure washing can be a messy job and you’re pretty likely to get wet and grimy however much care you take. Don’t wear flip-flops or open-toed sandals. Wellies are best, as are waterproof trousers rather than shorts.

Don’t tackle the job without the patio-cleaning attachment

This will help lessen how much grubby water is flying about. It also makes the job quicker and easier and should mean you stoop less. Some washers come with one of these attachments, otherwise you can purchase them separately.

Don’t use the washer to blast weeds from your patio

You’re better off uprooting them by hand, or using a weedkiller. Otherwise, you risk taking out the mortar between the paving slabs with pressure washing.

Royal Stone Care is here to help

Royal Stone Care has many years’ experience providing patio cleaning services in London for business and domestic clients. Talk to us whether you need driveway cleaning services or steam jet washing for any other outdoor area. And look forward to enjoying being outside as summer approaches.