Marble fireplaces – do they stain and do you need to seal them?

Marble Fireplace Restoration London

Durable, dense and a great insulator against heat, marble makes a superb choice for fireplaces and surrounds. Also versatile and low-maintenance, these units bring warmth, beauty and elegance into your home.

One thing we’re often asked is whether marble fireplaces stain easily, and whether they should be sealed. Here, we attempt to answer those questions.

Dealing with stains on your marble fireplace

Unfortunately, the short answer is that, like any other material, marble can stain if you don’t look after it properly, even though maintenance is pretty minimal. Clearly, you shouldn’t bring this natural stone into contact with sharp objects, harsh liquids or abrasive chemicals – even hard water can leave its mark.

Its porous nature is the reason this natural stone can be vulnerable to marks and etching (the light physical changes and scratching which can affect the stone; they look superficial but do indicate the marble has been damaged).

As always, preventative care is one of the best things you can do.

What about sealing?

Generally speaking, you don’t need to seal a marble fireplace periodically if you are using a gas or electric fire. Most real and micro marble models are made from pre-sealed stone slabs and so don’t need any additional treatment.

(Incidentally, if you are wondering what micro marble is, it’s made from pieces of real marble finely crushed and bound with resin to create a consistent surface, and the opulent look of full marble, while being better at resisting stains.)

If you’re burning coal or wood in a solid-fuel fire, however, it is worth sealing your fireplace’s stone surface with an appropriate sealant. Do this before you light your first blaze. The soot produced is different from the vapour gas fires emit, so sealing makes sound sense.

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Your marble fireplace can give you many years of pleasure if you look after it well. At Royal Stone Care, we provide specialist marble cleaning in London for businesses and homes. We can help whether you need marble restoration, marble chip repair or anything else.

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