Granite countertops and hot pots and pans – what you need to know

Granite Countertop Restoration London

Granite countertops are environmentally and family-friendly and add value to your kitchen. Equally, they’re durable, with granite worktop repair usually a pretty straightforward business.

One thing we’re often asked is whether you can place a hot pan directly on to the surface of this natural stone without damaging it. So, here, we offer an explanation.

The background: granite’s make-up

Granite is a natural stone typically comprising quartz, mica, feldspar and amphibole minerals. With a melting temperature of up to a maximum of 1260°C. So the chances that any hot pan you place on the surface will melt your worktop are zero. (Unless you’re operating some sort of science lab from your home.)

What’s more, granite is found deep in the earth’s crust, a factor in its strong heat tolerance – certainly it withstands higher temperatures better than quartz or marble, for example.

The risks

Despite granite’s strong tolerance of heat, there is still a risk to the stone in that it can might crack.

So in the same way that you shouldn’t use boiling water to help defrost a frozen car, if you lay a scalding pan on to a cool surface, there is a risk of cracking.

What that really means is that you should never place pans straight from the stove or oven directly on to your granite worktop, The good news, however, is that if you do this by accident, the chances of serious damage occurring as a result are pretty minimal.

What precautions should I take?

If you’re a keen cook who’s always busy in the kitchen and need space for setting down just-used cooking pans, consider fitting pan-stands into your worktop. It’s a smart way to avoid possible cracking. These typically comprise metal inserts which you can remove for cleaning, and fit into bespoke grooves cut into the worktop. They will, however, take up quite a lot of space.

Another idea is to have removable chopping board areas made from the same stone. These attach to the counter with rubber ‘feet’ to prevent scratching. Store in a cupboard when you are not using them.

Royal Stone Care is here to help

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