Considering limestone flooring? Here’s what you need to know

Limestone Restoration and Repair in London

If you’re thinking about a limestone floor for your kitchen or bathroom, you stand to benefit from a hardwearing, good-looking material. It’s also more cost-effective than you may have realised.

Here, we offer a few tips about the things to bear in mind before you take the plunge with this sedimentary rock.

Think about colour

Limestone flooring comes in a number of different potential colours. And, inevitably, some will be more hardwearing than others. Typically, the paler versions tend to be less durable. So go for a dark shade, especially in an area of high foot traffic. (This will also take longer to show up any grubby marks.)

Seal the deal

Think about sealing your limestone floor to protect the tiles and make it easier to clean, as well as keeping stains at bay.

Stay on budget

If budgets are particularly tight, avoid unusual hand-worked finishes. Large formats will also cost more, as will those from European sources. (Although, of course, environmentally it makes sense to buy more locally.)


Allow yourself enough time to select the right kind of limestone flooring for your location. Plan ahead, don’t decide on the finish you want in a rush. Finally, research all the available options carefully.

Style, size and finish

Tiles can be super-smooth, or rougher for a slightly more worn look, or brushed to create texture. Alternatively, some manufacturers sand-blast the surface, or treat it with acid for an older appearance.

You’ll also need to think about any patterns, the size of your tiles and whether you want the edge to be perfectly square or whether you want something a little less regular. You could have a round or grooved edge, for example.

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