Are granite countertops worth the investment?

Granite Countertop Restoration and Repair in London

There’s no denying that granite countertops are attention-grabbing, bang on-trend – and longer-lasting than you may have realised. So they can be ideal if you’re investing in a property.

However, it’s also true that countertops in this beautiful natural stone aren’t always the cheapest option. So they won’t be right for everyone in every situation.

Here, we aim to give a guide to when worktops in this material might be the right investment for you.

What is it?

As mentioned, granite is a natural stone. It forms when the lava crust of the earth cools, depositing traces of minerals like mica and quartz or feldspar. It is these, in their varying quantities, which give the substance its unique pattern and colouring.

Because it’s 100% stone, it’s known for being hardwearing and heat-resistant. It’s cut to size and then finished by polishing. And granite’s porous nature means that it needs sealing to stop stains from soaking through.

What about price?

As with any other countertop material, the price of granite will vary according to size and scale chosen. The pattern of the stone, and its colour, will also affect cost.

Clearly, if you are paying someone else to fit your worktop, you will need to pay for labour as well.

But it’s good value compared with similar natural stones like marble or quartz, and arguably more durable. So with granite, as a property developer you can achieve a high-end look without breaking the bank.

One way to save money could be to go for modular worktops, made up of smaller slabs seamed together, or granite tiles.
However, expect to see the obvious seams that are not apparent with a solid-slab model. Alternatively, consider placing granite tiles over the surface.

When is granite worth it?

If you’re a landlord letting out a higher-end property, granite in the kitchen (or even the bathroom) could be a great way to create a luxury feel.

Stick with a neutral colour and pattern and your surface will stay looking immaculate for a long time ahead – potentially even decades. So your granite could effectively pay for itself as a long-term investment, for a relatively modest outlay.

Finally, in the US, the National Association of Realtors named granite as a top 10 kitchen trend for 2021, so it’s definitely a sought-after material.

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