What should I do if marble chips or cracks?

Marble and Natural Stone Restoration and Repair in London

Few materials top the natural elegance of marble, or add more character, whether you have it as a worktop, floor or fireplace in your home, workplace or a property you’re developing or renting out.

People often ask us what they should do if this stone becomes damaged in any way, through cracking or chipping or similar.

The good news is that there are things you can do – just remember the ‘4 R’s’.


A deep clean with small repairs may be all you need to get your marble looking its beautiful best. And if your own attempts don’t provide the results you want, it could be time to call in the professionals.

Generally, marble restoration means stripping away a super-thin top layer of the stone. That’s before polishing and resealing to stop the problem from happening again.


Damage isn’t always as bad as it looks, and it’s often possible to fix it without the need to completely replace the stone. Simply filling and polishing can work wonders for chips, cracks and scratches. Your marble repair team can fill chips with a stone paste for a seamless join.


You can often replace an area of a piece of marble. The thing about marble is that every quarried block is unique. But it’s generally possible to source matching or similar stone that will respect the piece.


Happily, this option isn’t often necessary. But, after extensive damage which leaves the stone beyond repair, it may be the only choice. It could be more cost-effective to identify a full replacement of your fireplace or similar, rather than repair an existing marble item.

Choose the right professionals

Marble restoration and marble repair are skilled jobs. So it’s important that you choose the right specialist team. At Royal Stone Care, we have everything you need to give a stunning piece of marble the fresh lease of life it deserves.

So make us your first port of call for marble chip repair in London and around. We can help no matter the scale and size of the job and whether it’s at a commercial premises or a private home. Get in touch today to learn more.