How are quartz and granite different from each other?

Quartz Granite Countertop Repair Restoration London

Among the options for countertops in your home, two stand out; quartz and granite.

So people often ask us about the differences between these alternatives. Here, we try and offer an answer. Appreciating how they differ (and how they’re alike) helps you make an informed decision. After all, worktops are are among the most important features in your home’s most significant room.

Why quartz and granite are similar

Both materials are, of course, stone. Equally, both resist heat, stains and scratches. They typically require little maintenance. Usually, both also come with a polished finish, although other options may well be on offer.

And why they’re different

One notable difference is that you can sometimes find it easier to buy quartz in bigger sizes of slab.
Another is that quartz is manufactured. Meanwhile, granite is an entirely natural stone. It’s quarried straight from the earth. However, it may be polished and reinforced.

You get a huge variety of colours and patterns with granite. You also get a guarantee that each piece is unique.

Granite can be a little more expensive (although that’s not always the case). It’s also slightly higher-maintenance. It’s a natural, porous substance. So it can certainly absorb spilt liquids, such as red wine or olive oil. And that’s especially the case with lighter-coloured granite. However, modern cleaning kit and techniques, and regular professional sealing, mean you won’t need to worry about this unduly. That’s particularly true of daily, minor spillages.

Quartz is harder, more manufactured and perhaps more hardwearing. It usually has polymer resins (to act as a binding agent) and colour pigments blended together. The percentage means quartz content is usually 93%, with typically 7% resin.

With both substances, you’re likley to need some professional stone care from time to time. That ay include granite cleaning or quartz worktop repair, for example.

How Royal Stone Care can help

At Royal Stone Care, we specialise in the care of both quartz and granite. We work in kitchens, bathrooms and beyond. And we cover commercial and residential settings across the London area. Talk to us whether you need granite repair, quartz restoration in London or anything else regarding such matter.