The key mistakes to avoid when cleaning natural stone

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Cleaning natural stone can feel like a daunting business, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. And the good news is that it’s easy to avoid these common mistakes so that your stone stays looking its glorious best.

Don’t use harsh or abrasive chemicals

Yes, we know we’ve said this before. But it’s worth repeating. Strong chemicals can be very damag and cause numerous problems, including discolouring, etching and the breakdown of sealants. While vinegar is often proposed as a natural alternative, its acidic nature can harm the sealant. And this will allow stains to form.

So look for a pH-neutral cleaner specially formulated to clean natural stone such as marble or granite without damaging its sensitive surface.

Using the wrong tools

They say a poor workman blames their tools. But you do need to have the right ones in the first place! So things like steel wool or brushes with abrasive bristles and the like will always do more harm than good. Read product instructions carefully to understand what tools the manufacturer recommends using with them, and stick to non-abrasive brushes and sponges.

Incorrect sealing

Proper sealing of your stone is key to its longevity. The right sealant will safeguard against stains, water damage, pollution, frost, UV rays and more. But many people either don’t seal their stone, or do it wrongly.
Choose your sealant carefully – some are coating sealers, which leave a sealant layer on the stone surface. This prevents the stone from beathing, which can lead to further issues.

Some types of porous stone may need extra coats of sealant to be effective. And remember, you need to reseal your stone surface at least every three years or so.

Don’t overlook regular maintenance

Without regular, proper maintenance, stains and grime can build up. Have a consistent regime in place to stop long-term harm and to prevent dirt from building up.

Your routine also needs to suit your particular stone. For example, limestone is highly sensitive to acidic cleaning products. So choose products designed for the stone type you are looking after.

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