Can you have a wooden floor in a bathroom?

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It may surprise you to learn that, in fact, wood can work very well as a material for a bathroom floor. And that’s the case whether you have a luxury designer sanctuary or something smaller and rather more functional.

With wood, you introduce warmth and a natural texture to one of the most important spaces in your home. It can also provide an ideal antidote to the potentially sterile feel of a completely tiled look. Plus you could combine wood with some other materials to vary texture.

However, you will of course, need to speak to the manufacturer first to ensure what they offer is suitable for a bathroom. Equally, wood goes best in a bathroom which is used carefully rather than a busy family space.

Go for engineered

Engineered wood flooring has an upper layer of real wood plus a middle core of cross-layered softwood or plywood. A veneer layer underpins the whole thing for balance.

Its construction makes it ideal for a bathroom setting. Solid hardwood can expand and contract in response to changes in temperature. But, for its part, engineered wood is more stable and is better at resisting shifts in temperature. The surface is robust so limits movement of your floor in an environment where, of course, the temperature is changing all the time.

Another benefit is that this type of wooden product is typically able to go with underfloor heating. This is
clearly a great thing to have so that you can step from the bath or shower on to a warm, inviting surface.

If you’re going for a solid hardwood model raher than engineered, red cedar and redwood are two examples of timbers offering good moisture resistance.

What about the finish?

When deciding about the finish for your wooden bathroom floor, again the inevitable humidity is a factor. An oiled finish can be a great choice for this reason, because of the oil’s natural resistance to damp.

And what about maintenance?

Check with your supplier before you complete your purchase. Use the right oils, waxes or sealants for the best protection of your wooden floor.

Use bathroom mats at strategic points of your floor. And dry them where they can’t get moisture on to it.

Every week or so, go over the floor with a mop that’s very slightly damp. A flat-headed spray mop will stop any moisture from soaking into the floor.

Finally, talk to use at Royal Stone Care. We offer a wide range of wood repair and restoration services as well as wood polishing and staining in London. We work with numerous domestic and business customers and could help you, too. Get in touch today.