Granite countertops among top interior design trends

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The nation’s favourite home improvement trends of the last 25 years are now public knowledge. And they include granite kitchen worktops. The research, of two thousand UK homeowners, was a commission from Checkatrade to celebrate its twenty-fifth anniversary. And the study has also found that favoured trends vary from city to city across the UK. So it makes for pretty interesting reading! (And, if you weren’t aware, Checkatrade is a reviews website.)

Granite worktops: why they’re popular

Granite countertops offer a number of benefits including versatility and durability. (And upkeep of this natural stone is minimal, too.)

On the whole, this stuff shrugs off scratches and so on pretty well. And it’s generally heat and stain-resistant. What’s more, granite doesn’t cost as much as alternatives like marble. So it’s hardly surprising this material remains so popular. And it isn’t going out of fashion any time soon.

What else is on the list?

Other things to make the line-up of Britain’s favourite interior design trends include of minimalism. Space-efficient ‘floating’ shelves are also there.

Parquet flooring, feature walls and the concept of ‘hygge’ or cosiness also get mentions. Yet granite counters top the list with 28% of the vote, more than anything else.

How often do you upgrade your home?

Another interesting fact from the survey is that, on average, the British homeowner makes five changes a year to their property. This is in a bid to keep up with the latest trends.

What about the least popular things?

The survey also asked participants to vote for their worst interior trends of the past 25 years. On the list are carpets in bathrooms, textured ceilings, dark wood panelling and animal print.

If you were responding, what would you have said?

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Granite cleaning for countertops is pretty straightforward. But you should avoid anything acidic, such as lemon, vinegar or ammonia. Typically, warm water, washing-up liquid and a microfibre cloth are all you need to wipe down your surface for daily upkeep.

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