How to decorate your kitchen this Christmas

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With Christmas just a matter of weeks away, it’s understandable that your thoughts may be turning to decorating the place where you live. And, specifically, that means bringing some festive spirit into the heart of your home, the kitchen. But the good news is you can do this without breaking the bank, whatever your budget.

Here we provide some inspiration and food for thought:

Have a simple palette that suits your kitchen’s colour scheme

Keep everything simple and streamlined yet sophisticated. Equally, it’s not a bad idea to stick to two colours, from classic red and white to a wintery pairing of blue and silver. Or perhaps you’d prefer forest green and elegant grey? Have something welcoming which complements the shades already in place.

Bring the outside in

What natural elements could you incorporate in your kitchen? Seasonal garlands and wreaths work well, or you could introduce a quick blast of colour with poinsettia or berries. Meanwhile, bark or pine cones bring texture to the space.

Have a festive focal point

If you have space above your cabinets, for example on top of an oven hood, create a focal point – just as you would with a mantlepiece in a sitting room. Some sort of seasonal sign, wreaths or indeed any greenery would do the job.

What’s more, if you have a kitchen island, this is another space you can decorate as a centrepiece.

Break out the kitchen linen

To complete the look, don’t forget Christmas-themed linen such as tea towels, aprons and napkins.

Countertop displays

These could include a Christmas scene of some kind, small trees or even your finest serving silverware as a reminder of the feasting ahead. But before setting out your display, have a thorough declutter of leaflets, school bags and the like. Store away any appliances or utensils you are not using. This will help you to create the perfect display space.

You could also have a cosy cocoa or coffee station on your worktops if you wanted, and set out Christmas-themed mugs (what else?).

Get creative with whiteboards

This is an easy way to get your kitchen in the Yuletide spirit. And you can change the wording as often as you like. Have snippets from carols, a simple Happy Christmas or any other message – search Instagram if you’re stuck for inspiration.

How we can help

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