Wooden frames repair is the most eco-friendly

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Real wood window frames don’t just look great. (Although their timeless appeal is always in style.) You can paint them in a way that suits the property. Plus, they provide superb insulation. What’s more, they come in myriad different styles. Timber frames are also surprisingly low-maintenance, and very long-lasting.

Another advantage is that they are gentler on the planet than, say, uPVC.

However, at some point, you may come up against wood rot. And, when it happens, it can be tempting to consider replacement frames as your first port of call.

However, a survey from an independent research and consultancy firm has found that repairing window frames is the more environmentally friendly option. And the company, specialising in sustainability, reports that that’s true across the lifespan of your window frames. Indeed, it can reduce carbon emissions by up to 90%.

What’s more, the study revealed that this remains the case even where frames need repairing in more than one place. In just about any situation in which you don’t need to replace the glass, repair will be better than replacement.

Why is repair better?

By repairing rather than replacing, you’re using valuable natural resources more sensitively and sustainably.

Wood rot develops mainly in the lower portion of the frame. So, even where it has taken hold quite aggressively, it will still consist of mainly healthy timber.

It’s cheaper, too

Repairs also invariably work out cheaper. So replacing whole frames will always be a more expensive way to go.

What materials should I use to repair my wooden window frames?

Pure epoxy repair materials tend to be best. Others, such as polyester resins or impure epoxy materials, are not as sustainable. (The survey has met EU directives in coming up with its findings.)

Summing up

In summary, we all want sustainable options for home renovations. And repairing wooden frames will be the environmentally friendly choice.

How we can help

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