Are DIY limestone countertops worth the effort?

Limestone Countertop Restoration Repair London

They’re attractive, highly durable and extremely practical. For example, they’re very heat-resistant. But limestone countertops are certainly not the cheapest thing to invest in for your kitchen.

So could you save money by cutting and fitting limestone countertops yourself? Here, we take a look at the various pros and cons.

Understand what you’re dealing with

To state the obvious, limestone is a natural stone. It’s a different ball-game to working with other materials you may be familiar with from previous DIY efforts, such as wood or lino.

And if you haven’t worked with stone before, you could find it a considerable challenge.

Are your measurements reliable?

Your measurements will need spot-on accuracy. After all, you can’t trim limestone onsite in the same way you can trim wood. Even a small margin of error could leave an unsightly gap or mean you can’t fit in your domestic appliances. And rectifying any mistakes could prove costly.

How will you cut the limestone?

While limestone isn’t as hard as, say, granite, the tools you need to cut it may be expensive. Equally, they may not be readily available. Think about whether buying the relevant cutting equipment would be a worthwhile investment. After all, how often are you likely to use such tools?

How will you transport and lift the limestone?

Transporting limestone worktops in a regular car or even a van could be tricky. Plus there’s a risk of injury or damage to the material if you don’t know what you’re doing. What’s more, you’re unlikely to be able to lift your limestone worktop safely into place unaided.

Are you aware of how to prepare your kitchen?

Limestone is heavy compared with alternatives such as lino or timber. So you’ll need to thoroughly assess your kitchen units ahead of your limestone counter installation. And only a professional will understand what you need. They can also spot any potential problems.

How about limestone tiles instead?

This could be a more realistic option, for the obvious reason that it will be a safer, easier task. Limestone tiles for backsplashes or floors, rather than fitting a full worktop, could be an alternative worth thinking about.

How much will you actually save?

Especially if you get the cost of labour and installation included with your worktops, you may find that buying and fitting limestone pieces is cheaper than you thought. It may certainly be more cost-effective than attempting the job yourself and getting it wrong.

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