What damage require professional marble care?

Marble Chip Repair London

With its naturally luxurious appearance and elegant feel, marble instantly upgrades the look of any room. It’s easy to shape and cut due to its natural relative softness. And it stays cool as a surface, so is ideal for bakers when they’re rolling out dough and so on.

For most people, staying on top of routine marble cleaning is a pretty straightforward business. But when do you need to seek expert help? Here, we take a look at some of the most common scenarios for which you need to call in the marble care experts.

The surface stays dull-looking

If your marble floor, worktop, backsplash or other piece continues to look dull despite your frequent best attempts at countertop polishing or floor scrubbing, make that call to a marble care specialist to sort it out.

Scratches on the surface

Signs of damages including gouges or scratches on the surface are other fairly common issues. Marble polishing experts are also able to address all these niggles.

If you need an extra level of hygiene

For example, if you run a commercial kitchen such as one in a hotel or restaurant, a regular deep clean of your marble is a very good idea. Book this service on a regular basis and you will enjoy a high standard of hygiene. Professional marble cleaning gets rid of any germs or bacteria which could thrive in hard-to-reach spots, for example.

To get rid of etching

As a comparatively soft stone, marble can be vulnerable to marking. Acid reacts with calcium carbonate in the stone, which creates dull spots or etches. A dripping tomato sauce jar or a splash of lemon juice can make their mark – and not in a good way! But professional marble cleaners have the equipment and expertise to at least reduce the appearance of etching.

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Royal Stone Care is a professional marble-cleaning service serving commercial and domestic premises. We also provide marble repair, including marble chip repair in London. If something doesn’t look right with your marble, it will need more than a regular clean to put right. And we can help – get in touch today to learn more.