What are this year’s hottest kitchen countertop trends?

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As we ease into high summer, it’s worth taking stock and considering this year’s most popular trends as far as the humble kitchen worktop is concerned. After all, countertops are essential elements in any kitchen – itself the most important room in the home. These items set the tone and feel for the whole space. Material, finish and design all have a significant impact.

So whatever your plans for renovation in your property, or if you’re not sure what you want to do in your kitchen yet, read on.

Quartz is not going anywhere

Quartz is non-porous, and you don’t have to keep resealing it all the time. It’s very hygienic, and does a good job of shrugging off stains. It’s also highly durable. These days, there are also many colours and other options to choose from. So it’s no wonder it’s so popular.

Honed or polished?

A honed surface is matte, with little or no shine. Leathered is a newer kind of finish that has a low sheen and a smooth surface. It keeps the stone’s natural appearance, and can look really sophisticated. Polished finishes are still, admittedly, the most popular. But the other two options are definitely worth thinking about as well.

Veining and patterns take off

It seems as though homeowners are currently seeking a little more character for their countertops! And there’s now a wide variety of different veining options and patterns from which to take your pick. So get creative, and think about how you can match up worktops with other kitchen elements, including the walls, cabinetry and backsplash.

Go bold and dramatic!

If your cabinets are light in colour, why not create an attention-grabbing contract with a black kitchen worktop? Other bold colours will also make a statement. What’s more, this trend isn’t just for modern homes. It can also work to stunning effect in an older or period property.

Go big with your backsplash

Many people have ditched the basic tiled backsplash. Larger tiles, and different textures and patterns, are all increasingly popular. You don’t have to be limited in your colour choice, either.

Materials which don’t cost the earth

It’s understandable that sustainable materials for kitchen countertops are especially sought-after right now. Terrazzo (Italian for ‘terrace’), for example, has always been sustainable. Originally made of small chips of marble and stone dipped into a cement paste, it’s an eco-friendly and attractive way of reusing stone offcuts.

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