How much do granite countertops cost?

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Renovating your whole kitchen or investing in new worktops? It’s definitely worth doing your research into the cost of granite countertops.

This durable, classic material comes in an array of styles and finishes. And it’s more affordable than you may realise – especially when compared with other stones such as marble, or an engineered product such as quartz.

Remember also that no two slabs of granite are the same, meaning that whatever granite you have in your home, it will be a unique piece.

What affects price?

If you go for an option that may not be quite the height of fashion – but which could still be perfect for your kitchen – you could pay less.

Price will also depend on how desirable the pattern and natural colour of the stone are. The material comes in grades A-F, with A representing the cheapest option.

For example, tan and brown granite varieties will be cheaper, while Saturnia granite, with its rich black-and-gold colouring, or a white stone, may set you back more.

It’s worth noting, though, that colour has no bearing at all on the durability or quality of the substance.

Equally, obviously, the cost of the granite will depend on how much stone you are buying. If countertops are too expensive, consider a smaller piece such as a vanity unit for the bathroom.

More dramatic and speckled granite worktops will cost more than standard or plainer worktops. Equally, you can expect to shell out more for a high-gloss or polished finish.

Is installation included?

Naturally, this also affects how much you end up paying. But even if you are proficient at DIY, it’s almost always a job better left to the professionals. Just one reason for this is that granite is a pretty heavy stone. So only experienced granite installers should really manoeuvre it into your kitchen.

In terms of labour, you probably need to budget for around £120 to £200 a day, or between £15 and £25 an hour.

Installation is likely to take up to four hours, maybe more if your kitchen is a non-standard size or shape.

How much can I expect to pay?

As a general rule of thumb, a 20mm-thick worktop might cost between £220 and £450, including labour costs. A 30mm granite countertop has the same upper limit but at the lower end of the range will probably cost from around £270.

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