Some great ideas for limestone countertops

Limestone Restoration Repair London

Gorgeous limestone comes in an array of colours and patterns. And, with the right maintenance and care, it can provide many years of pleasure. What’s more, it’s pretty cost-effective, especially when compared with alternative materials. Equally, it’s versatile enough to suit a variety of interior design styles.

If you’re considering this attractive natural stone for your kitchen, here are some ideas to mull over.

Consider a farmhouse vibe

Couple elongated subway tiles with limestone countertops to bring out this look. Also think exposed timber beams and open shelving. Meanwhile, wooden accent pieces add warmth.

Throw in a dash of colour

Why not pair, say, vibrant blue cabinets with white walls and limestone countertops in their natural colour?

Stay neutral

Stick to muted, neutral shades with your limestone and you should be on to a winner. Look forward to an elegant, timeless look for your kitchen.

Go for subtle contrasts

If you opt for grey limestone worktops plus black and white elsewhere in the kitchen, you not only have a classic combination but measured colour contrast and visual weight. Add some warm wooden shelving and you will have a room that still doesn’t look cluttered.

Alternatively, of course, you could choose to go for a consistent tone and colour palette throughout your kitchen.

Don’t go overboard with limestone if you don’t want to

Love limestone but not sure you want to commit to large amounts of it? Think about using the stone sparingly, perhaps as a backsplash or in a smaller part of the kitchen that’s less used than other areas. And, talking of backsplashes, you may not be aware that you can extend your countertop into a low-level backsplash with a seamless transition.

Talk to us

When it comes to limestone repair in London, as with cleaning or restoration, talk to us before you talk to anyone else. After all, we’re the limestone specialist, with a strong track record among our domestic and commercial clients, plus a high level of expertise. Get in touch for an informal chat about what you need regarding this beautiful natural stone, and we’ll take it from there.