Why veined kitchen worktops are so popular?

Veined Natural Stone Countertop Restoration Repair London

The concept of having a veined pattern against a white or neutral background could be the ideal solution if you’re after a kitchen that’s mainly blank – but with a vibrant twist. It also means that you definitely don’t have to sacrifice all the colour to create an amazing look!

It’s no secret that white kitchens were already popular. One study said that using it generously enhanced ‘light, mood and a feeling of cleanliness’. So homeowners were already keen on cabinets and backsplashes in this colour (or lack of it).

Therefore it’s perhaps not surprising that veined worktops have also become more popular. Read on to learn more.

Why the popularity?

It’s true that there are many ways to bring a veined natural stone into your kitchen. But the countertop in particular is sought-after. US interior design website Houzz says 91% of homeowners will replace their worktops if they are remodelling their kitchen. (And this is a figure which has gone up since the site’s previous study.)

What’s more, more than a third (35%) said they had spent more on their countertops than previously anticipated.

At the same time, there has been a movement towards statement kitchen worktops. With these, white stone and grey veining creates a bright, light and airy look. Meanwhile, if you wanted something heavier, think about black stone veined white.

A couple of downsides to veined stone

While we love the elegant beauty of natural veined stone, we should also point out there are a couple of potential downsides to bear in mind.

The first is that some choices, such as the marble variant Calacatta, can be in somewhat limited supply. This can push prices up.

Secondly, veining isn’t uniform. So every slab is different. And the slab you get may not be the same as the one you saw in the showroom or online.

Here to help

At Royal Stone Care, we’re specialists in cleaning and looking after elegant natural stone, however you use it in your home or business, including veined varieties. We fully appreciate how stunning veined marble, quartz and so on can look. And we want to help you keep yours looking its glorious best. Talk to us whether you’re in need of granite restoration in London, or quartz repair and marble cleaning. We cover all of London and the surrounding areas – get in touch today.