Which granite finish is best for me?

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If you’re wondering which granite finish would best suit you and your home, you’re not alone. And if you’ve decided to go for this beautiful natural stone in your kitchen, you’re lucky in that there are many different granite finishes from which to take your pick.

Polished or rough?

Most granite has a form of polished finish. This gives the stone a glossy, even texture. With this finish, it also closes the rock’s pores. That makes it easier to clean and less prone to damage from liquids. Equally, the overall look is sleek and stylish.

Flamed granite

Because granite is such a tough material, you can use heat to treat it in a way that simply isn’t possible with other substances. The high temperatures mean the granite stones burst and discolour, so that the surface takes on a faded, organic textures.

While the end result of this finish is probably a little rough for a natural stone kitchen countertop, it’s great used outside as flooring. (It can also be brushed after it has been flamed.)

A honed granite finish

People sometimes also call this a matt finish. Your surface will be very smooth, with no gloss or shiny reflections. To create this look, manufacturers don’t complete the polishing process.
Again, this finish can work well on flooring, where it can help to prevent slipping.

Brushed granite

If you want a more textured look, consider this one. Thanks to the use of hard brushes, the softer minerals wear away so that the harder ones remain at the surface.

Fancy a subtler finish?

Leather finishes are popular because they lend the natural stone an air of understated natural elegance. The process is similar to brushing; however, the finish is less aggressive due to the lighter grits which it uses.

So as you can see, granite is not only a beautiful natural stone, it’s also incredibly versatile.

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