Limestone cleaning: dealing with years of neglect

Limestone Countertop Cleaning Restoration Repair London

If you’ve just moved into a different property, congratulations on your new home! But while it’s exciting, it’s also likely to be an incredibly busy time.

And if your new pad has a limestone floor, countertop or tiles which the previous owners haven’t looked after, it can seem quite the challenge. After all, you could literally be dealing with years of no one having done anything to look after this gorgeous stone.

Persistence pays off

Clearly, you can have a go at tackling the task yourself. But expect the limestone cleaning to take several attempts before this natural stone is in the condition you want it to be in.

It’s important that you begin the job gently, with nothing stronger than soap and water in the first instance. If you need to, consider upgrading to a specialist stone cleaner. Whatever you do, don’t use any harsh chemical cleaners.

The good news is that you are unlikely to damage your limestone piece by scrubbing at it. Nonetheless, it’s probably best to avoid overdoing it with too much rigorous cleaning.

Don’t forget the patio

If you have ‘inherited’ a limestone patio, the same problems of neglect could apply. That’s especially true if you have moved in after a long winter, during which tiles may have become discoloured.

First, sweep up piles of built-up leaves and dirt. After that, sweep soapy water across the stone with a stiff brush.

If that doesn’t work, you could try a pressure washer or a specialist limestone cleaning product.

Time to call in the professionals?

Especially if you have just moved house and have numerous things to think about, a professional limestone cleaning company could well be the answer. They will, after all, have access to staff and specialist cleaning products and equipment.

Royal Stone Care has been cleaning limestone in London around for years. We have both private and business customers, gaining excellent results time after time. Talk to us today, no matter how long a limestone item has been left neglected for. We’ll be delighted to help, freeing you up to run your business or enjoy your new home.