Is your limestone floor winter-ready?

Limestone Cleaning Restoration London

Durable and elegant, limestone is a beautiful natural stone, and a popular choice when it comes to flooring. Its muted earth tones look great, while its versatility means it comes in a number of different styles. Additionally, it suits varied settings. What’s more, it’s low-maintenance and hygienic and, if anything, its appearance even improves over time. So it’s a great choice for your home.

But, right now, winter is well and truly on its way. And when the temperature drops, you may want to consider an option like underfloor heating so that your limestone floor stays toasty all winter long. (Underfloor heating also distributes heat evenly throughout the room and retains it effectively.)

But once your limestone flooring is installed, you may need a slightly different regime during the cooler months. This protects and even repays your investment, while ensuring your natural stone floor looks its best all year round, including for Christmas. Here are our top tips for caring for your limestone floor at this time of year:

Tracked-in slush, water, snow and dirt

Put mats down to keep salt, snow, slush, grime and water off of your flooring. This is just common sense. At the same time, make sure you clean these floor coverings regularly and thoroughly.

All of the above-mentioned things can otherwise damage your natural limestone flooring.

Ask guests to remove shoes

Politely ask anyone who comes into your home to take off their outdoor shoes. It’s not an unreasonable request, and most people won’t mind doing this. Offer warm socks or slippers if it’s especially chilly. And, of course, make sure your own household follows this rule!

Cleaning up

Sweep away and mop up any salt residue left behind on your limestone flooring. Don’t continue to use any mops or other cleaning tools which have salt residue on them. Clean them or simply replace them.

Clearly, all the other limestone care tips, such as prompt attention to any staining, and generally being careful, apply over the winter just as they do at any other time of year.

Talk to us

Give us a shout if you have any specific questions about winter care of your limestone floor. Equally, if you need limestone cleaning and repair in London, we’re here to help.