This year’s popular trends for granite countertops

Granite Cleaning and Restoration in London

Granite has been a prestigious choice for countertops in kitchens and bathrooms since the 1980s.

Clearly, affordability and technological processes have improved immeasurably since then. Yet granite remains hugely popular. That’s thanks to its elegant appearance and low-maintenance durability. (It’s also less porous than marble. Equally, it’s less vulnerable to etching and staining, making it ideal in ‘busy’ areas of your home.)

So, essentially, bathroom and kitchen granite countertops will never go out of style. But, as the year starts to wind down, what are the key trends in granite countertops in 2021?

Neutral tones

Neutral tones are enjoying a lingering popularity, and they take Scandinavian minimalism as their inspiration. Warmer tones (e.g. via wooden cupboards) seem to be favoured above all-white rooms.

These tones don’t become outdated quickly. And you can always refresh the décor with a bright backsplash or a fresh lick of paint for the walls. Lighter shades give your kitchen a brighter feel. Think white, cream or possibly grey countertops in gorgeous granite.

Honed/matte finish

Honed granite has a matte surface with a slight sheen. Polish granite, in contrast, has a glossier look and higher reflectivity. A honed look is a smooth one bringing out your stone’s colours. This gives you a very natural appearance which highlights the patterns in the granite.

Veins and patterns

But there has also been a shift towards pieces with strong veining and patterns. And these can certainly look very appealing and highlight your stone’s uniqueness. Veining can be subtle or altogether bolder and dramatic, as you wish.

This year’s popular colours

Don’t get us wrong – neutral tones are a huge hit. But all-white granite kitchen countertops are still highly sought-after. And white is versatile and stylish. It’s pretty much impossible to get ‘pure’ white granite slabs, so expect markings and flecks in your granite. For something bolder, consider black granite with flecks of gold. For a sense of calm, consider blue, offering a huge range of patterns and colour intensity. And while brown can be comfortingly earthy, go for gold if you’re keen to make a statement.

Think about colour combinations, too. How will the different shades work together or contrast with each other across your kitchen?

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