Cleaning Marble Countertops and Tiles


If you have marble tiling or countertops, you’ll love this elegant natural stone and the way the veining in it creates an impression of movement. But, especially in the kitchen, it’s understandable if you have concerns over this porous material’s susceptibility to etching and staining. Here are some hints to help. Beware of etching One […]

Marble sealant: why you need to seal the deal


Property owners often ask whether marble floors, countertops, bathroom vanity units and the like need to be sealed, and, if so, how often, and whether this will be effective in preventing stains. The simple answer is “It depends.” Lighter coloured stone should be sealed more often than darker versions, and, as a general rule, marble […]

Summer’s here – the ideal time to clean your outside brickwork


Summer’s here, Clean your outside brickwork Summertime and the living is easy – but it’s even easier (and a lot more pleasant) if your outdoor space is in tiptop condition as life shifts outdoors. Part of that means keeping all your external brickwork spotless all summer long. After all, the cooler months can take their […]

The do’s and don’ts of marble cleaning


The do’s and don’ts of marble cleaning Marble is a unique natural material requiring special care, because it is porous and potentially vulnerable to staining. But this doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult. And while you will always need the professionals for the big cleans and marble floor polishing, there’s a lot you can […]

Stone Floor Cleaning


Nothing beats the elegance and sheer good looks of natural materials like stone. However, over time, especially if there is heavy foot traffic, stone’s surface can tarnish, so that its lovely natural finish end up looking grimy. Dirt and dust, if allowed to linger, can be abrasive. But if you keep your real stone floor […]