Small kitchen? Here’s how you can make it look bigger

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If your kitchen is on the small side, you’re certainly not alone. But the good news is that there are things you can do to create a sense of space without changing your square footage, or ordering an expensive renovation.

Here are our key tips:

Bring the outdoors inside

If you fit double French doors, you can seriously open up a galley kitchen. And you’ll break down the barriers between the room and your garden or other outdoor space.

Consider furniture size

To avoid crowding if space is tight, choose bistro-style furniture for your kitchen, or a smaller table with benches. This will give the illusion of more room than there really is.

Think outside the box with storage

Have the tools you need daily to hand in a countertop drawer. For example, deep cabinets with plenty of storage and built-in spice racks. Equally, open shelving works well. Have the items you use most often on the lower shelves. And consider a magnetic strip on the fridge door to hold your cutlery.

Go for an all-white kitchen

It’s true that designers have debated the pros and cons of all-white cooking areas endlessly. But in a less-than-spacious kitchen, white can really enhance the sense of roominess. So that your kitchen feels less sterile, consider having different shades of white to create some texture.

Don’t go mad with contrast colours

If your colour scheme remains relatively consistent across your kitchen, and without much difference from walls to cabinetry etc., the room will, once again, appear bigger than it really is. A palette of grey and white, for example, won’t look too ‘busy’.

Make natural light your friend

Natural daylight can really maximise available space. So keep window treatments minimal. Blinds provide privacy, but don’t block light – and if you have an opaque shade, you allow light in at the same time.

Think glass cabinet doors

Think about glass doors for your kitchen cabinets. This draws the eye into the cabinets’ depths, making the walls look further away.

Blend surfaces

Join up countertops with your kitchen’s backsplash for a consistent appearance. For example, you could have granite worktops extending up the walls so that the whole area looks seamless.

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