Why limestone could be the perfect choice for flooring in your home

Limestone Floor Cleaning Restoration Repair London

Are you considering replacing the flooring in your home (or business premises) with a gorgeous natural stone? If so, one material you may not have considered immediately is limestone. Now, we know it may not have the glamour of marble, or always be as fashionable as granite. But here are some of the reasons why it could be absolutely right for your home.

It’s easy to clean

A basic sweep with a soft brush, followed by a general mopping is all the regular cleaning your limestone floor needs. And, as you’d expect, you shouldn’t use harsh products or chemicals on it.

There’s plenty of it

Limestone is a naturally occurring, abundant material. Indeed, Antarctica is the only continent in the world where no one quarries it. And the fact that it is readily available in Europe reduces travel miles. Therefore, environmental impact is minimal. Equally, its abundance makes it a pretty budget-friendly stone.

Its incredible durability

As a sedimentary rock, limestone is significantly tougher than other potential flooring materials, from carpet and laminate to wood. Ideal for using inside or outdoors, this stuff doesn’t scratch, stain or chip easily, especially if it’s sealed properly, so it’s great for busy areas of high foot traffic.

Its uniquely stunning appearance

Each slab of limestone is completely natural and entirely unique. It is formed by geological processes over millennia. No two pieces will display exactly the same patterns or colours. That’s true even from the same quarry. In turn, that means no one will have a limestone floor quite like yours!

Tailor-made for you

For limestone flooring, you can get a fully bespoke service. So that means you have a full say in the fit and appearance of your countertop. And this is ideal if you have a difficult space to fill in your kitchen, for example, or a non-standard fitting like a curved breakfast bar.

Royal Stone Care and limestone

At Royal Stone Care, we specialise in limestone cleaning and maintenance in London. We work for both domestic and business customers. So talk to us about limestone care for your floor today. And we’ll have it looking its brilliant best in no time!