Granite worktops and hot pans problems

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At RSC, we’re often asked about hot pots and pans and granite surfaces, so here we thought we’d look into this issue and the potential associated risks in a little more detail.

The risks explained

Wondering whether you can place a hot pan directly on a granite countertop from the hob? Essentially, you should understand that, in general terms, granite tolerates heat very well, indeed more so than some alternative surfaces. That’s because the stone is an entirely natural substance, typically comprising feldspar, mica, quartz and amphibole minerals. And its melting temperature is incredibly high, at around 1215 – 1260°C.

So any hot pan you place on your worktop is certainly not going to actually melt the stone. However, the risk of cracking remains. After all, motorists know not to apply boiling water to an icy windscreen for fear of damaging the glass in the same way. An identical principle applies to granite.

Therefore, if you place a hot pan directly on a potentially cool surface, you run the risk of cracking it. We should add, however, that the chances of damage are pretty slim. But you can eliminate the risks completely by remembering not to do it.

How can I best protect my granite surfaces?

Clearly, you need to have something between the stone and the bottom of your saucepan. If you’re a keen and frequent chef who’s always running out of spots where you can put down hot pots and pans, consider fitted pan stands. These are integral to the countertop itself and provide outstanding protection from possible cracking. Typically, they comprise five grooves built into the stone, with metal inserts which rise above the surface. The inserts fit snugly into the granite, and you can take them out to clean them.

The only potential issue you need to be aware of is the amount of room that these pan stands can take up, especially if space in your kitchen is limited.

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