Why is my limestone floor cracking?

Limestone Cleaning Restoration and Chip Repair in London

Occasionally, a limestone floor can begin to crack for no apparent reason, even if it is a number of years old. Here, we offer a guide to what you can do – and cover some of the possible causes.

Cracking means movement in your stone

Limestone is very durable, and so it is unlikely that any cracking problems would be due to a defective batch of tiles, or because the stone has been laid with poor workmanship. Instead, cracking more typically may suggest some movement in the stone, either slight or severe.

Things to look out for

There are a number of things to look at when assessing a crack in a limestone floor. The location of the damage (i.e. whether it’s in the centre or at the edges of the flooring or an area of heavy foot traffic), for example, is important. Equally, since the stone is porous, it will be important to know if water has recently affected the surface.

A specialist will also tap the stone. If the cracked area sounds different, it could mean that the mortar bed is not complete.

Occasionally, underfloor heating can be another cause behind cracking, so it’s worth bearing that in mind, too.

Have you had pyrite damage?

Pyrite, also known as fool’s gold, is an iron sulphide mineral you will often find in stone flooring. If you have too much of it in your surface, it can cause the ground to heave. Early indications that this could be a problem include internal doors getting jammed or stuck. You may need to have a sample of your limestone sent off for analysis to confirm this.

What’s the best course of action?

Keep a close eye on your floor and assess whether the cracking is getting worse. Do this over a good six months and take photos and measure cracks so that you have a record. If the situation has not become worse during this time, the cracking could be a one-off incident and it may be possible simply to replace the tile. However, if the condition of the tiles does continue to deteriorate, you may want to consider an inspection by a professional.

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