Why granite could be the perfect choice for your bathroom

Granite Countertop Chip Repair Restoration and Cleaning in London

Granite’s current (and increasing) popularity is hardly surprising when you consider this natural stone’s timeless elegance, and its blend of practicality and luxury. Interestingly, many people reckon you can’t use this material in a bathroom. But, actually, that’s a misapprehension. So there are a number of reasons why granite could be absolutely right for your bathroom.

Why it works…

Stain and scratch-resistant, granite is also a doddle to clean. It’s waterproof, so that splashes of water won’t penetrate the tiles. It’s also one of the most durable natural materials around. Don’t actually try to do this, but it’s hard to chip or break, and has been known to resist even things like fake tan and hair dye! So it’s a good choice no matter how busy your family life gets.

What’s more, granite is incredibly long-lasting. Done properly, a granite bathroom can genuinely last for decades.

Equally, the non-porous nature of this stone means your surface is very hygienic. Typically, you just need a quick once-over with a mild cleaner and a cloth or soap and water to keep granite spotless. It shrugs off dirt, bacteria, soap and smells to stay fresh.

The material’s versatility also means it can be cut into thin tiles, say for a bath surround, or thicker slabs, for example for a vanity unit.

Finally, each granite piece is unique, so that no two slabs look the same. It comes in various shades, with many units incorporating flecks of a secondary colour. However you use it in your bathroom, the resulting pattern will look stunning.

And when it may not

There is one potential downside to a granite bathroom. This stone can be quite slippery when it’s wet, so take care if you have older or otherwise vulnerable members of your household. Think about having non-slip mats.

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