Do I need to seal my limestone countertops?

Limestone Countertop Cleaning and Restoration in London

Limestone makes an attractive, elegant addition to your home. But in common with other types of natural stone, it’s highly porous, so you need a sealant for most applications. This prevents scratches, stains and acid etchings, while maintaining the stone’s colour, and allowing it to breathe.

The good news is that, once applied, you don’t have to seal your surface again.

You can assess whether your surface needs sealing using the water test. Place a small amount of water on your surface. If it doesn’t darken, or takes at least 30 minute to do so, you don’t need to seal your stone. In fact, it’s quite important that you seal your stone when really necessary.

Here’s our quick guide to sealing your limestone countertop or other piece:

Clean the stone first of all

Your limestone needs to be spotless when you seal it, so follow these steps in the first instance:

• Apply a pH-neutral cleaner to your counter using a microfibre cloth. Leave for 10 to 20 minutes. Use an alkaline cleaner (checking the label to be sure it’s safe for limestone) on deeper or greasier stains.
• Wipe the surface with a microfibre cloth, rinse and wipe again until no residue remains.

Sealing your counter

Ensure the stone is 100% dry before applying the sealant. Use a cotton cloth to apply a thin coat of sealant, allowing it to sink int the limestone for up to half an hour. Remove streaks with a microfibre cloth. Use up to three coats of sealant, as necessary – a textured surface may need more sealant than polished limestone. Allow up to 24 hours for the sealant to dry.

Talk to us at Royal Stone Care

If you’re still not sure whether your limestone countertop or other piece needs sealing, talk to us at Royal Stone Care before you do anything else. After all, we’ve been working in this industry across London for private and business customers for years, so we’re ideally placed to advise.

We specialise in limestone cleaning and maintenance in London, whatever the premises and whatever you need. We have the expertise, experience and equipment to do an outstanding job, every time. Get in touch today and we’ll take it from there.